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Operation Reconquista

Reviving churches for God's Kingdom

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What does Reconquista mean?

Reviving the Mainline Protestant denominations

Operation Reconquista is a movement of Bible-believing Christians in Mainline Protestant denominations who recognize that our denominations have drifted away from the historic Christian faith. We are fighting to restore our churches to the true faith and revive them, because we do not want the great institutions built for God's glory to be used against His Kingdom. The word "Reconquista" simply means to "retake". The battle metaphor is NOT calling for violence or calling for a fight against anyone in our denomination, but a call to spiritual warfare against demonic forces that have infiltrated our churches.


Our Strategy

While the majority of Mainline Protestant churches have been hijacked by secular liberalism, there is a strong minority of churches in each Mainline denomination (PCUSA, TEC, UMC, ELCA, RCA, UCC, ABCUSA) that have remained faithful. We encourage evangelical Christians to join, strengthen, and revive these non-liberal Mainline churches. Since liberal churches tend to die out, the conservative minority will eventually become a majority if we keep it strong. This is how we will recapture these institutions.


What we believe

Our core values

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Latest developments in the Reconquista

Episcopal Reconquista members get Bishops on board with movement

Episcopal Priest Rev. Jake Dell recently invited several members of the Reconquista community to a Communion Partners conference, a national gathering of Episcopalian bishops. There, they pitched the Reconquista to the attending priests and bishops.

Reconquista discord surpasses 1,000 members in just 3 months

After launching on June 1st, the Reconquista Discord community spread like wildfire by being advertised on social media. Through the Discord, Reconquista members got connected to priests and pastors in their denominations to help carry the movement to higher levels.

95 Theses sent to EVERY mainline church in America on Reformation Day

Through the online Reconquista community, Bible-believing members of each mainline denomination wrote 95 Theses tailored to their specific denomination. On Reformation Day, these theses were emailed to every single mainline church in America as well as posted on thousands of church doors


Denomination-specific organizations

The Reconquista is an alliance of faithful Christians in all Mainline Denominations. We are allied with organizations of faithful Christians in each denomination. 

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Hear all the updates to the Reconquista movement, and how you can get involved!

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