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What is the Reconquista?

What is it about?

The Protestant heritage has been clouded as the Mainline Protestant Churches have drifted into theological liberalism and many conservative Christians have left to form new Evangelical denominations. With many of the conservatives gone, the Mainline Churches have become even more theologically liberal to the point of sometimes even denying all the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. The Reconquista is a long-term attempt to reverse this liberal trend and restore the Mainline Protestant churches to the beliefs that they were founded on and claim to confess on paper.


How is it possible?

Re-taking entire denominations may seem like an impossible and daunting task, but it is completely possible with the proper method: Theologically liberal Churches are constantly on the decline because they abandon all doctrines that give people a reason to have religious commitment. Our strategy is to form Biblical holdouts within the Mainline Church and strengthen existing Biblical churches within the Mainline, knowing that they will outlast the disappearing liberal majority. 

Why is it needed?

When Evangelical denominations formed, leaving their Mainline counterparts, they left behind most of the historic buildings, liturgical traditions, cultural connections, and other aspects of the Protestant heritage. A growing number of people, especially young people, are recognizing the importance of these things after growing up in Evangelical churches that didn't have them. Because of their strong cultural roots, Mainline Churches have a unique ability to influence the culture, and restoring them to the Gospel will revive the culture and reverse the persistent decline of religion in the West.

Church Altar

Which churches are involved?

While this movement extends to other countries, this started out as an American movement, to revive the church that American society was built upon: the Mainline Protestant churches. The below are the 7 Mainline Protestant denominations in America, one representing each Protestant tradition. All of the pictures for each denomination are from a church in that denomination that is Biblical and that is on our Reconquista map.



The Episcopal Church



Presbyterian Church USA



United Methodist Church



Evangelical Lutheran



Reformed Church in America



United Church of Christ



American Baptist Churches USA

What we believe

Read about what beliefs the Reconquista movement and its members hold to 

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